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Searching My Roots

Not so easy -- but wondrously rewarding

Many third-generation Americans, like myself, were raised with little knowledge of our forebears or ethnic heritage. Many of us for long years accepted the rapid assimilation of American ways our parents and grandparents had adopted, made no attempts to find out where precisely they came from, how their cultures had formed them and how they'd lived, what they contributed to who we really are.

I waited longer than most. But now, with the help our electronic age, with friends made across the world via e-mail and web homepages, with national and regional records centers in this country and abroad, I've joined the thousands of Americans making new discoveries in personal history.

Both my paternal and maternal ancestors were from Italy. For anyone doing genealogical research in that beautiful country, I hope my notes on procedures for Seeking and Finding data on these family members may prove helpful.

Bacigalupa Lineage
Grandfather Louis Leo Bacigalupa
Zia Carmela Merolla
Grandfather Gaetano Merolla

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